Hobbyist. Maker.  Girl with a mission.

About Alysa Larose

This is where I come to break things.

Welcome to my hobbyist fantasyland - where I unabashedly gush about DIY & scrappy projects to keep me motivated about making and sharing.

This is also my place to experiment and have fun with creating. I've been on the web regularly with various blogs and HTMLS since 2009. 

Mostly I'm an obsessed amateur.

I do this - the making, the keeping of a weblog, the videos, the social sharing - because I really love to fiddle and tinker. My materials of choice are primarily yarn, fabric, paper / craft supplies, cameras, and Adobe software.

I have a hard time sitting still.

Restless by nature, I need a rotating plate of hobbies (and half-finished projects) to keep me in motion.

On this site you will find videos and posts about my handmade obsessions, revolving primarily around knitting and sewing. As well as pictures of landscapes, nature, and the tiny details that keep me inspired.

My work is currently overseen by a small herd of uninterested guinea pigs.

I am a wanderer.

Find my most recent videos and vlogs, podcasts, monthly newsletters, and projects on my website. Or elsewhere on the web. Each project is handmade by me. Just for fun.

A toast to the makers and shakers out there. Make on.