What materials do use?

I absolutely love to knit and sew! I firmly believe that technique matters more than the quality of materials. Yes, it’s great to use the best you can afford, but I’ve seen so many examples of talented makers using interesting techniques on all sorts of materials.

That being said, I like seeing what materials, supplies, and tools that of folks use.


Each year I share my knitting (best of) resource list. Find the most recent post here.


Each year I share my sewing (best of) resource list. Find the most recent post here.

What does it mean to be a hobbyist?

A hobbyist in my book is any individual that relentlessly chases down a fun pursuit, even if it doesn’t produce income. Yes, you can be a hobbyist and still generate income, but for a hobbyist the income is secondary; an added bonus.

The craft and the pursuit of the craft is first and foremost.

What’s life like in Alaska?

So glad you asked. Alaska is a big place, and I really love enjoy living in the 49th state. You can see my videos about Alaska on my youtube channel.

Any other questions?