30x30 Project: #14 & #15

Latest closet addition: circle skirt + petticoat

Part I: The Process

When making over your closet, I've learned that it is important to refine, refine, and then refine some more.

Hence, the second circle skirt and petticoat.

The Petticoat

This time I made a shorter petticoat and kept the circle skirt unlined. The petticoat top portion is based off of a pattern that I will used in the longer petticoat.

The Skirt

The anchor fabric is ridiculously cute, despite the fact that my chances of keeping the white unstained is slim.

Well worth it.

The circle skirt is a feel good sewing project because it is easy. No, really. (Note: I didn't use the linked to tutorial, but if you are hesitant to create a circle skirt - know that the sky is the limit as far as adjustments to your skill level and tastes.)

My circle skirt has a fitted waistband (same fabric as the skirt) and an invisible zipper. To keep the hem clean I did a double fold. 

Part II: The Reveal

I'M WEARING: 2 Handmade Items (circle skirt/petticoat) fabric; 1 DIY Revamp Item (peacoat with new gold buttons); and 7 Vintage Items (grandma's bowling team bag, thrifted hat, thrifted rabbit fur collar, thrifted/gifted necklaces).

Fabric and notions - @Joann Fabric and Craft Store


Love when the red of the petticoat peeks out from underneath the preppy white and blue fabric. The combo makes my heart do a nice, tidy flip.

 NOTE: this link takes you to my Youtube channel. To subscribe, simply   hit the subscribe button located under my channel header  . It's free and just lets me know you're up for watching more handmade videos.

NOTE: this link takes you to my Youtube channel. To subscribe, simply hit the subscribe button located under my channel header. It's free and just lets me know you're up for watching more handmade videos.

Part III: The Verdict

Yes. I love the way this turned out.

My biggest challenge is still getting the petticoat figured out without using elastic. I really want a snug tight waist fit using a zipper, but I need the petticoat to stay in place under the skirt. Luckily, I will get a third crack at adjusting my petticoat pattern.

If I could change one thing - it would be that the petticoat never moves and is always peaking out just below the skirt for every single shot in every single photoshoot - for this post I used multiple locations. And made the ill-fated decision to hoof it on foot, in 30 degree weather, in fishnets. With my tripod and gear strapped in all weird ways and weird angles.

Ha! I now realize that this is completely unrealistic after taking this Skillshare class - not a sponsored plug, I just am addicted to anything posted by a Chicago photographer called "Trashhand."

Part IV: The Newest Addition


Say it ain't so. 

Time for another video where I share what I've made (or am in the process of making) over the past week (or so-ish).

This week's vlog features the following can't miss moments:

  • salmon jumping in the lagoon
  • guinea pigs
  • sash building
  • stash busting
  • maker AWESOMENESS...

But wait, there's more.

Nah, just kidding. That's about it. Enjoy. (Oh, and if you have a gmail account consider subscribing - it's free. And you could be THE ONE who breaks my goal of reaching 10 subscribers.)

Because, really, who wouldn't want updates from that friend who talks to her camera alone in her garage and uploads her handmade videos to youtube. I know, right!

Seeing Red, Pt.2 (Circle Skirt + Petticoat)

You turn thirty and then come the petticoats. 

Part I: The Process

I blogged all about the process on Seeing Red, Pt. 1. This project was a bit of a "two parter." 

Part II: The Reveal

EDIT: But first, a quick, minisode about making this thing.

And now, a bit of twirl.



Part III: The Verdict

1. Would you make this piece again, as is?

Yes. But I could see myself making a shorter petticoat or a longer circle skirt. 

2. Top challenges.

Getting that petticoat right took some W-O-R-K.

3. If you could change one thing about this piece what would it be?

Thicker fabric, for sure.

Part IV: The Newest Addition

P.S. I just realized that I somehow skipped project #8. What a bummer as I was thinking this would be project 13 & 14.




That moment where you think - yes, I will YOUTUBE that. 

New Weekly VLOG series: DIY Clothes TV

A chance for me to talk about all the things that I've been making (or not making) each week. Needless to say - a new #30x30 project makes a cameo.

SPOILER: The first 6 seconds should explain my delay in doing a photoshoot with said new #30x30 project.

Seeing Red, Pt.1

Or that time I decided to pick apart my project - after it was all sewn up and ready to go. 

Part I: The Process

Let's talk circle skirts.

They're lovely. A little bit of sashay and sway added to even the most banal walks - like to the grocery store / post office / coffee shop.

It's a beautiful image, until I remember that Anchorage is a rather windy city - and instead of a Sarah Jessica Parker moment à la Sex and the City - I end up having the horror show version of Marilyn Monroe à la The Seven Year Itch.

To fix this I came up with a brilliant (actually pretty ordinary solution) to make my petticoat have a very short, tight fitting skirt "lining" that would protect me from unwelcome wind fly-bys. The first draft was not puffy enough, but the second draft was right on the money.

The majority of my time was spent on the petticoat because I kept thinking - the circle skirt is the easy part... 

And it was. Save for a few beginning snafus. 

  1. The gingham fabric that I chose was very thin.
  2. I decided I didn't care / it wouldn't matter.
  3. After finishing up my sewing I realized, um, it really bothered me.

So, I added a muslin lining to the circle skirt, forewent the horsehair (for added hem movement/support), and gave myself a little more wiggle room in the waist because my vanity had pinched that sucker in a little too much.

Now, all I have left is to add the zipper, do some finishing work along the side seam, and hardest of all...go outside (in public) and pose for no one but my camera and the inevitable onlookers who are like, "what is that silly person doing? / where does she think she is - New York City?"

Thus, my long winded explanation for why it is taking me, like f-o-r-e-v-e-r, to post a new #30x30 project.

Luckily, these two projects (yes, I AM counting this as two #30x30 projects) are nearing completion.

Seeing Red, Pt.2 coming soon.

Cold Feet.

Never had 'em, but cold hands that's another story. Nothing that knitting needles and yarn couldn't tackle.

Part I: The Process

The yarn for these little lovelies was from a gifted package from the good folks at Kollabora. Way back in 2012. For those keeping count - the yarn has followed me to three towns and two states. And I knew I would get to making something ... eventually. 

Fast forward four years - and the first project is complete. I have plans for another project - and hope to get to it before 2020.

Knitting separated by periods of intense sewing = me youtube-ing my favorite techniques again and again. For this project, two at time circular needles and the magic loop did the trick.

I love, love, love magic loop. 

Part II: The Reveal

Overall, I am happy with these little hand warmers. The bow, which was knit separately and then sewn on, will sometimes position itself in an awkward position, but it's still cute and worth a little tugging.

Part III: The Verdict

Yep. But, first I have to finish up this here 30x30.


The thumb was a little tricky - I really wanted the tip to get tight. I succeeded in my quest, but am now unsure why that was so important ...

I might play around with attaching the bow with another color.

Part IV: The Newest Addition

One for the road.

Ah, say it ain't so. My 30 x 30 has turned into my 30 in 30! 

Part I: The Process

This is the last of my bodysuits - for now! I kinda of revealed it in my last post as I was wearing it with my newly made skirt, but I had to share some closer-up photos and give it its proper place in the 30 x 30 line-up. 

Not much to add on the pattern front - there are some areas for improvement with this one, which I will get to below!

Part II: The Reveal


Oh my. A windy, sunny, warm-enough day in Anchorage. Truly living the dream. Notice how my photographer captured the exact moment the wind made my hair look like bird's nest. Lovely.

Part III: The Verdict

As-is. No, but close to "as-is" yes! My top challenges will explain why ...

Those neck and arm bands must be stretched for optimal fit. (see the above photo - you can just make out the droop in the neck and left side arm band) It's one of those things where I thought I was giving a good stretch, but nah, not quite enough.

In addition to the arm / neck bands - I would make the sleeves a teensy-tiny bit wider. Other than those THREE things - no complaints here!

Part IV: The Newest Addition

I'll be back tomorrow, friends, with a #30x30 recap and the plan for my #30in30. Ha! Typical me.

No rest for the procrastinators of the world :)