Seeing Red, Pt.1

Or that time I decided to pick apart my project - after it was all sewn up and ready to go. 

Part I: The Process

Let's talk circle skirts.

They're lovely. A little bit of sashay and sway added to even the most banal walks - like to the grocery store / post office / coffee shop.

It's a beautiful image, until I remember that Anchorage is a rather windy city - and instead of a Sarah Jessica Parker moment à la Sex and the City - I end up having the horror show version of Marilyn Monroe à la The Seven Year Itch.

To fix this I came up with a brilliant (actually pretty ordinary solution) to make my petticoat have a very short, tight fitting skirt "lining" that would protect me from unwelcome wind fly-bys. The first draft was not puffy enough, but the second draft was right on the money.

The majority of my time was spent on the petticoat because I kept thinking - the circle skirt is the easy part... 

And it was. Save for a few beginning snafus. 

  1. The gingham fabric that I chose was very thin.
  2. I decided I didn't care / it wouldn't matter.
  3. After finishing up my sewing I realized, um, it really bothered me.

So, I added a muslin lining to the circle skirt, forewent the horsehair (for added hem movement/support), and gave myself a little more wiggle room in the waist because my vanity had pinched that sucker in a little too much.

Now, all I have left is to add the zipper, do some finishing work along the side seam, and hardest of all...go outside (in public) and pose for no one but my camera and the inevitable onlookers who are like, "what is that silly person doing? / where does she think she is - New York City?"

Thus, my long winded explanation for why it is taking me, like f-o-r-e-v-e-r, to post a new #30x30 project.

Luckily, these two projects (yes, I AM counting this as two #30x30 projects) are nearing completion.

Seeing Red, Pt.2 coming soon.