And today, we launch.

Don’t you just hate false starts?

Hello There! My name is Alysa.

And I’ve been planning Mend and Alter since 2010. Six years later, I am finally ready to launch - for realsy this time.

See the video below for a bit about me and my making process.

Mend and Alter is where I share and talk about the things I make and absolutely love, no exceptions.

If you love handmade clothing, then hiya friend! Nice to meet you.

Let's meet back here next Thursday when my first 30 x 30 project goes live. My first 30 x 30 post and a video - woot, woot!

I can’t wait to swap making stories, like mad.

Want to keep in touch, without the hassle of remembering to visit here every week? Okay then, I’ll come to you monthly - in your inbox - with a round-up of what I’ve been up to.

And now, I'm off to make. See you soon!