30x30 Project: Bodysuit (Sewing) #3

A sleeveless, shoulder baring iteration of the body suit - (aka) can't stop, won't stop with this pattern block. 

Part I: The Process

The beauty of a pattern block that fits - is that the possibilities are endless. With a couple of moderate adjustments, I was able to take off the sleeves and adjust the shoulder width. The only part that is still a little tricky is getting the amount of space for the closure accurate despite changes in knit fabrics. 

Part II: The Reveal

I can safely say that this bodysuit is my favorite one that I've made so far.

The great part about slowly presenting the finished product on my blog is that I get to mess around with the order of when I post the things that I've made. So, saying that this is my favorite bodysuit is a little, well, funny given that I made another bodysuit to share before this one.

The other one is just fine (and yes, I will still share it / count it as a 30 x 30 creation) - but the softness and weight of this knit jersey is so, so good. It just makes the whole piece look (and feel) A-MAH-ZING.

Part III: The Verdict


Still having to make adjustments on the fly - on my fly (he he he). Getting the correct closure measurements - not too tight (or else the bottom comes unsnapped when sitting, stretching, etc.) and not too loose (or else the back sags, with not enough stretch of the elastic).

A slight tightening of the neckline band and arm bands. 

Part IV: The Newest Addition

And now, for a brief video account of a small disaster, a trip along the Turnagain Arm, and then back home to finish this project up ...