30x30 Project: Bodysuit (Sewing) #4

Ah, say it ain't so. My 30 x 30 has turned into my 30 in 30! 

Part I: The Process

This is the last of my bodysuits - for now! I kinda of revealed it in my last post as I was wearing it with my newly made skirt, but I had to share some closer-up photos and give it its proper place in the 30 x 30 line-up. 

Not much to add on the pattern front - there are some areas for improvement with this one, which I will get to below!

Part II: The Reveal


Oh my. A windy, sunny, warm-enough day in Anchorage. Truly living the dream. Notice how my photographer captured the exact moment the wind made my hair look like bird's nest. Lovely.

Part III: The Verdict

As-is. No, but close to "as-is" yes! My top challenges will explain why ...

Those neck and arm bands must be stretched for optimal fit. (see the above photo - you can just make out the droop in the neck and left side arm band) It's one of those things where I thought I was giving a good stretch, but nah, not quite enough.

In addition to the arm / neck bands - I would make the sleeves a teensy-tiny bit wider. Other than those THREE things - no complaints here!

Part IV: The Newest Addition

I'll be back tomorrow, friends, with a #30x30 recap and the plan for my #30in30. Ha! Typical me.

No rest for the procrastinators of the world :)