30x30 Project: Circle Skirt and Petticoat (The First)

You turn thirty and then come the petticoats. 

Part I: The Process

I blogged all about the process on Seeing Red, Pt. 1. This project was a bit of a "two parter." 

Part II: The Reveal

EDIT: But first, a quick, minisode about making this thing.

And now, a bit of twirl.



Part III: The Verdict

1. Would you make this piece again, as is?

Yes. But I could see myself making a shorter petticoat or a longer circle skirt. 

2. Top challenges.

Getting that petticoat right took some W-O-R-K.

3. If you could change one thing about this piece what would it be?

Thicker fabric, for sure.

Part IV: The Newest Addition

P.S. I just realized that I somehow skipped project #8. What a bummer as I was thinking this would be project 13 & 14.