30x30 Project: Circle Skirt and Petticoat

Latest closet addition: circle skirt + petticoat

Part I: The Process

When making over your closet, I've learned that it is important to refine, refine, and then refine some more.

Hence, the second circle skirt and petticoat.

The Petticoat

This time I made a shorter petticoat and kept the circle skirt unlined. The petticoat top portion is based off of a pattern that I will used in the longer petticoat.

The Skirt

The anchor fabric is ridiculously cute, despite the fact that my chances of keeping the white unstained is slim.

Well worth it.

The circle skirt is a feel good sewing project because it is easy. No, really. (Note: I didn't use the linked to tutorial, but if you are hesitant to create a circle skirt - know that the sky is the limit as far as adjustments to your skill level and tastes.)

My circle skirt has a fitted waistband (same fabric as the skirt) and an invisible zipper. To keep the hem clean I did a double fold. 

Part II: The Reveal

I'M WEARING: 2 Handmade Items (circle skirt/petticoat) fabric; 1 DIY Revamp Item (peacoat with new gold buttons); and 7 Vintage Items (grandma's bowling team bag, thrifted hat, thrifted rabbit fur collar, thrifted/gifted necklaces).

Fabric and notions - @Joann Fabric and Craft Store


Love when the red of the petticoat peeks out from underneath the preppy white and blue fabric. The combo makes my heart do a nice, tidy flip.

Part III: The Verdict

Yes. I love the way this turned out.

My biggest challenge is still getting the petticoat figured out without using elastic. I really want a snug tight waist fit using a zipper, but I need the petticoat to stay in place under the skirt. Luckily, I will get a third crack at adjusting my petticoat pattern.

If I could change one thing - it would be that the petticoat never moves and is always peaking out just below the skirt for every single shot in every single photoshoot - for this post I used multiple locations. And made the ill-fated decision to hoof it on foot, in 30 degree weather, in fishnets. With my tripod and gear strapped in all weird ways and weird angles.

Ha! I now realize that this is completely unrealistic after taking this Skillshare class - not a sponsored plug, I just am addicted to anything posted by a Chicago photographer called "Trashhand."

Part IV: The Newest Addition