30x30 Project: Knit Slouchy Hat

Everything about it makes me feel warm and cozy inside. It just reminds me of my favorite season: FALL.


Part I: The Process

Which is why my second hat is so funny - knit in the final throes of a dusty, warm and mostly snowless winter. I knit this hat as I was dreaming of my second favorite season: spring.

Part II: The Reveal

Sans pom-pom this was my "oh yeah" slouch hat - a slight riff on Hat #1. It was knit my favorite way - magic loop on circular needles. Perhaps the reason it was such a breeze accounts for such scatter brained video footage - it was literally done before I thought to take the camera out.


Part III: The Verdict

1. Would you make this piece again, as is?

Yes, as is.

2. Top challenges.

Luckily, for once - no challenges on this one. My new go to pattern!

3. If you could change one thing about this piece what would it be?

A little bit less of a pointed slouch, but that's it!

Part IV: The Newest Addition