30x30 Project: Knit Over-the-Top Cowl

It all started with being terribly cold and wanting to disappear in warmth. 

And guys, that is just what I did. I made a cowl I can disappear in. But, first, let's take a step back and look at how I got to this mega cowl.

Part I: The Process

The cowl was a piece of cake. I revised an earlier pattern of a cowl that I liked, but that couldn’t quite wrap around my head twice (a must for windy walks downtown).

My new cowl wraps twice for warmth and three times for radiating heat.

This cowl took a lot of yarn. A lot.

As I kept knitting, around and around and around, I got to thinking about how sad the plain gray looked - it should be noted that I knit this cowl in the midst of Alaska winter darkness.

Everything around me was either gray or brown. The thought of mirroring the barren landscape, made me wince.

That’s when I got a wonderful idea. What if I added a little fringe? It could add warmth and fun (a brief relief to gray, gray, gray).

And so, I did. Below are the results.


Part II: The Reveal

There was yarn on my table. While clumps of fluffy fiber drifted all around. Sweeping like tumbleweed across the studio floor.


I decided to upgrade my cowl - and with that declaration came the inner mandate to make a cowl. A gigantic declaration of my love of warmth.

By row twenty it became clear that “the classic cowl” I had been planning had died - and in it’s place a mega-cowl had arisen.



Part III: The Verdict

1. Would you make this piece again, as is?

No, probably not. It’s lovely, but it is a beast of a piece. It completely outshines any outfit - it’s bold and bulky. A fun riff, but the fringe is a bit much.

2. Top challenges.

Figuring out the yarn amount.

Figuring out how to attach the fringe.

3. If you could change one thing about this piece what would it be?

I would switch out the fringe for color work. It’s simply time to acknowledge my never ending love affair with color work. Own it, make it, and wear it.


Part IV: The Newest Addition

That all aside - yes, I will still rock this piece. Especially, when (if) winter returns to Anchorage. Look out Fall 2016.