30x30 Project: Pencil Skirt

Not everything in Alaska is green and lovely - behold, the backyard. And my skirt.  

Part I: The Process

Notice anything familiar? Why yes, that is the same pattern applied to skirt #1. I switched up the fabric and made it a bit longer.

P.S. Love, love, love this fabric.

Part II: The Reveal

Okay - so if everything could be done this quickly - I would have a forty-by-thirty. But alas, my "thirty year crisis" is manifesting in an odd obsession with Star Trek: Voyager. Seven seasons, interrupted intermittently by slow library "hold times."

There are no words.

Part III: The Verdict

I would definitely make this piece again - as is. Minus the amount of times I spent correcting the back seams...

Back seams. Ugh. Don't even. But yes, when I switched fabrics I had to make some adjustments.

Hand sewing the hemline. But, you, know...


Part IV: The Newest Addition