30x30 Project: Short Sleeve Shirt and Skirt (Sewing)

The flowers are still here and the sun is out - it's a little bit spring, a little bit summer. And now I have a skirt (and an easy-peasy shirt) to wear. 


Part I: The Process

The process for the skirt was to take my woven pattern draft and adapt it to knit fabric. This primarily involved taking in all seams.

The process for the shirt was to take an existing shirt I liked, do a rubbing of the pattern onto parchment paper, and then figure out what I needed to change to make this work for me.

In this case it involved taking in the side seams, lowering the neckline, and tightening the sleeves. BOOM, drops the mic. 


Part II: The Reveal

Thank you spring for gifting the wonderful, natural backdrop. And kudos to me for completing "two projects" in one go. Oh, wait. Do I a hear a little birdie saying, 7 down, 23 to go? Why, yes, I do.

Speaking of which, 23 to freakin' go? Humbug. Is 30 by 31 still cool?

Part III: The Verdict

Yes. I would make both the skirt and the shirt again - in a heartbeat. Once I was able to figure out the princess seams on the skirt (specifically the back) and the cinching of the waist, this skirt worked up like a dream. And yes, I did hand stitch that hem. 

And the shirt, well I first made this piece last summer - and then promptly forgot all about it. P.S. I made this shirt on a sewing machine, serger-less. And you know, it was actually not that bad.

I actually like it more each time I wear it. And yes, it has survived multiple washes without unraveling. SUCCESS!

For the skirt: Fitting those back curves - a continual challenge. How to skim the curve without creating a bubble or any other weird fabric bunching. The only secret that I've found is to adjust those princess seams until they work ...

For the shirt: Alas, a serger is still a lovely thing, and working with my old sewing machine (RIP) was all about trying to get the right sized zig-zag stitch.

For the skirt: I would make the waist even tighter and curve each princess seam a bit more drastically.

For the shirt: I would think about adding a top stitch around the sleeve hem and neckline to make sure that the seams do not flip outside of the shirt.


Part IV: The Newest Addition(s)

Finally - another video upload!