30x30 Project: Knit Bowtie Hand Warmers (Cotton)

Never had 'em, but cold hands that's another story. Nothing that knitting needles and yarn couldn't tackle.

Part I: The Process

The yarn for these little lovelies was from a gifted package from the good folks at Kollabora. Way back in 2012. For those keeping count - the yarn has followed me to three towns and two states. And I knew I would get to making something ... eventually. 

Fast forward four years - and the first project is complete. I have plans for another project - and hope to get to it before 2020.

Knitting separated by periods of intense sewing = me youtube-ing my favorite techniques again and again. For this project, two at time circular needles and the magic loop did the trick.

I love, love, love magic loop. 

Part II: The Reveal

Overall, I am happy with these little hand warmers. The bow, which was knit separately and then sewn on, will sometimes position itself in an awkward position, but it's still cute and worth a little tugging.

Part III: The Verdict

Yep. But, first I have to finish up this here 30x30.


The thumb was a little tricky - I really wanted the tip to get tight. I succeeded in my quest, but am now unsure why that was so important ...

I might play around with attaching the bow with another color.

Part IV: The Newest Addition

Check out my VIDEO below!